Hello fellow Pirates. Hoping December is finding you well as we prepare for the…

Hello fellow Pirates. Hoping December is finding you well as we prepare for the Christmas season sneaking up on us.
For those who have contacted me with your current email addresses and home addresses, I thank you.
If you have not private messaged me or emailed me with your current information, I would appreciate it if you would do so. My email address is: elimarsh12@gmail.com
The committee will be mailing save a dates for the reunion around February 1, 2019.

Once again I am posting the missing list. If you know anything about these classmates or someone who might know something please let me know. We appreciate all the assistance we can receive in trying to account for every single person in the class of 1979.

This first group are people who are on a previous reunion list but not in our commencement program.
Patti Ballard,
Iza Bartlett,
Kevin Bennett,
Connie Daniel,
Carol Dobb,
Kevin Gillart,
Michael Lee,
Nancy Mason,
Mark Miller,
Jim Pfannensteil,
Darlene Phillips,
Eric Sawyer,
John Smith and
Terri Sprowls
This second group are people who are listed in our commencement program. Fortunately our entire names were printed but these people I was unable to find a match.
Leslie Eugene Brown,
Gay Lynne Burn,
Diana Lynn Burton,
Diana Marie Carroll,
Mary Beth Kendall,
Carolyn Denise Lawley,
Mary Ann Lee,
Charles Aaron Livingston,
Robert Wayne Martin,
Alisha Dianne Musser,
Kerry Reynolds Payne,
Dave H Smelser,
Robert William Smith,
Theresa Ann Smith,
Phillip Kent Taylor,
William Vacox,
Susan Elizabeth Williams,
Shannon DeeAnn Wilson,
Susan Lynne Wilson and
Linda Ellenora Woodside.

  • Dusty Moses
    Posted at 23:07h, 09 December

    I appreciate the invitation to your pirate shindig, but I moved just before high school and became a patriot. I probably wouldn’t be welcome. Thanks for the thought.

  • Joe Lindsay
    Posted at 01:58h, 11 December

    Libbie Marshall I was looking at your second group of people an saw the name of Mary Ann Lee, if she is the person that I am thinking of she was an Chinese girl that lived right next door to me in Rock Knoll subdivision , anyway she moved to Morgan Hill California shortly after Graduation her dads name was Fred and she had a sister named Ann that was a year or Two ahead of us. Hope this info helps.