Hey everybody, I'm hoping for a little Pirate help on project that I may …

Hey everybody, I'm hoping for a little Pirate help on project that I may be starting.

First off, I will be in town from Monday March 2 to Thursday March 5. I've been highly encouraged to "make a movie" about Aubrey McClendon. That's an extremely tall order and the odds of that happening are astronomical but you've got to start somewhere, right?

The first place to start is to do research and to figure out the "story", That's what I'm coming to OKC to do, to talk with people that knew him, interacted with him, or were affected by him, both good and bad. I only know about his story from what I've read in the press but most everyone I meet from Oklahoma has an Aubrey story. If you have an Aubrey story, I'd love to hear it.

I do have a sense that this is very much an "Oklahoma" story that I certainly identify with. Some of you may remember that my father was a geologist for Humble Oil and Gas (Exxon) which is pretty much how I ended up in OKC. I studied Chemical Engineering at OU and would have ended up in the oil patch had I not graduated during an oil bust period.

So if you or if anyone you know might be willing to sit down with me over a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes talking about this, I would be most appreciative. Also, I need to talk to a real Landman – I need to understand the real process of looking at records, approaching people, and trying to get mineral rights.

DM me, email me at byronsyee@yahoo.com, etc. Once I compile this initial round of research, I'll know how to approach a potential screenplay. This is a "spec" script, I'm doing this on my own dime and time for now. Maybe I'll see some of you next week. I'm making the long drive in from LA and will get to OKC late Sunday night.



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