Hey, just wanted to clarify a few things. I started this page a few months ago …

Hey, just wanted to clarify a few things. I started this page a few months ago after seeing photos of '78's reunion. Having worked on a couple of these, I know that it takes almost an entire year to plan, especially because you have to reserve the venue early. When I started the page, I threw out to whomever was interested, a plea to get the ball rolling (since I spend the majority of my year halfway around the world and am in TX when I'm stateside, it wouldn't be something I could undertake, although I would if I could). Susan Fitzgerald Barta and Scott B. H. Davis very graciously stepped up for the task. They have already put in countless hours visiting possible venues and trying to find the right location at the right price, so that it is affordable for all to attend. We contacted Mary Stooker Whitson and Scott Whitson, knowing they have worked on numerous reunions and thinking that there might be some funds available to get started. We were right, and they have also been helping Susan and Scott. They have already pretty much narrowed down the venue, but are waiting until they have a contract and a deposit in place before putting anything on the page, and that should be done within the next few days. They will contact Paul Hughes first to see what he can offer. I think it's great that so many people want to help and I know there will be a lot to do before the event! I love coming back for reunions – it's always so fun to catch up with everyone and renew old friendships. I'm looking forward to next summer!

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