Looking for some Class of '79 grads who would like to volunteer at the Clas…

Looking for some Class of '79 grads who would like to volunteer at the Class of '78's 40-year reunion set for Saturday, August 18th at Castle Falls . Event Center & Restaurant

Would need you there by 6:30PM and would appreciate it if you could stay until at least 9PM. Free ticket and food will be provided. You would also be welcome to stay to the end and just hang out / dance / party if you'd like.

Primarily need help with registering people at the door, handing out name tags, etc. Reply here or send me a message through Facebook. Would like to have 3-4 people.

  • Fay McLean
    Posted at 20:58h, 09 August

    Wow… Iā€™m too young today be this old!!šŸ™ˆšŸ˜‰šŸ¤—

  • Dixie Rae Cunningham
    Posted at 03:32h, 10 August

    Susan Fitzgerald Barta Scott B. H. Davis

  • Dixie Rae Cunningham
    Posted at 03:32h, 10 August

    Libbie Marshall

  • Sharon Bergman Johnson
    Posted at 04:20h, 11 August

    Hi Pete! Im just seeing your request for volunteers. I see others have gotten back with you, but if u need another person, I would love to help! What an exciting evening it will be! Just message me on messenger.

  • Daphane Warren
    Posted at 05:57h, 11 August

    Me too! Although I left the school in 1976! AMEN!

  • Bryan Barnes
    Posted at 16:44h, 14 August

    Dang. Just saw this and would have liked to participated, but will be in Denver.

  • Pete Brzycki
    Posted at 02:47h, 21 August

    A huge thank you to Scott B. H. Davis, his wife and Sharon Bergman Johnson for their help at our reunion last Saturday! They were incredibly helpful and kind and helped make the event a great success. Best wishes to the Class of 1979 as you start planning for your own 40-year reunion. I’m always glad to help you guys any way I can.

  • Pete Brzycki
    Posted at 02:48h, 21 August

    And my one bit of unsolicited advice to all of you regarding the reunion: JUST GO! At this stage of life all the pretense is gone and it’s just a room full of very nice people who were all kids together and shared some fantastic memories. Life is short… Go see some old friends and make some new ones!

  • Sharon Bergman Johnson
    Posted at 03:10h, 21 August

    Thanks for letting me have the opportunity of being there last Saturday. I got to visit with many awesome people. We were fortunate to grow up at the school we did. I couldn’t be prouder to be a pirate!

  • Russ L. Godfrey Sr.
    Posted at 23:08h, 31 August

    i should have been a 78 grad but missed it by 1/2 credit!! had to take zero hour for the entire year in 79 to get my diploma. But I stuck it out and did it!