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Main points from the Alumni Meeting
A. Pancake Breakfast Volunteers – Needed 12-15 volunteers for Saturday, Oct 26 from 6:00 am -1:00 pm.
1. Carla Metzer 6:00 – 9:00
2. Teresa Hubl Lewis 8:30 – 1:00
3. Pete Brzycki 6:00-
4. Greg Metzer 6:00-
5. Lisa Kamp
6. Ann Allman 7:00 –10:00
7. Terri Darrah Atkinson
8. Jeanne Holder Johnson
9. Jack Boyd
B. We have tickets to be sold for this event at $5.00 each contact Carla or Teresa for the tickets
C. We also have advertisements for the placemats for sale – Business Card size for $50.00 includes 10 tickets for the pancake breakfast. Please have these by Oct 12th.
D. Sunday’s All-Class Reunion event 12:00 – 3:00, 4 – 6 Volunteers needed (Event $10.00)
a. We have to supply 20 dozen cookies for this event. Help set up, host, and clean up.
b. Volunteers:
i. Teresa Hubl Lewis 11:30 – 3:00
ii. Carla Metzer
The alumni involvement is at an all-time low for funds and volunteers. The association is asking for volunteers to be involved on the board to keep our school spirit and traditions going for future generations. Putnam City was the foundation for our building blocks for what we are today. Everyone had different experiences and memories regarding High School, but we can all agree that when it came to saying you were a PIRATE – WE WORE THAT BADGE LOUD AND PROUD. Let’s step up to the plate and show these students exactly what it’s about. If you can’t give the approx. 20 hours per year to be on the board, please donate to the Association or to the Scholarship fund. It is time for us to give back to our legacy to keep it strong!!!
3. Johnnie’s Night Out! We are set for the 4th Thursday of every month beginning on July 25, 2019. People can go to any Johnnie’s location. Putnam City Alumni Association will receive 20% of all sales from open to close on the sales that mention the Putnam City Alumni Association. Please set a reminder on your calendars and attend! Go to any Johnnie’s locations and mention Putnam City High School Alumni Association to contribute to our fund raiser for scholarships. This will be a monthly night out on the 4th Thursday of each month! Mark your calendars!
4. LIFETIME SERVICE TO PUTNAM CITY AWARD: This will be awarded in a ceremony on October 11th if anyone wishes to attend. It is a great honor and the one receiving the award this year has more than earned it.
5. Last but definitely not least: PIRATE STADIUM!! As most of you know, beginning this football season we have our stadium back and our sister schools have their own stadiums. We were supposed to get our name returned to our stadium so that it would say PIRATE STADIUM again!!! Has everyone noticed the signs on the new football stadiums for West and for North? How about the sign for our stadium? Well the alumni association has found out that this is the way the building department budgeted for the signage. This is the way they intend for it to stay. For us to have our sign as it was originally – saying PIRATE STADIUM, we have to come up with the funds ourselves to have this done. They are saying that this is approximately a $30,000 price tag (Teresa Crump Bourne, Pres. of the Alumni Assoc. is verifying the amount). So let’s see how fast we can make this happen and show them that they can’t keep us down!!!!

Why an Alumni Association for Putnam City High School? – Pchs4allyears.com

Why an Alumni Association for Putnam City High School? Jackie Simpson September 25, 2019 The Putnam City High School Alumni Association was created to provide for and serve the charitable and educational needs of Putnam City High School and its student body, as well as, to foster and preserve the hi…

  • Peggy Newman
    Posted at 18:58h, 06 October

    I can help on Sunday from 11:30 – 3. I will bring 3 dozen cookies.

  • Diane Green
    Posted at 22:38h, 06 October

    I’m coming with Peggy! Sunday October 27. I can bring cookies too. (She’s such a good role model!😉)